Easy - Tammara Webber I have recently been looking for novels set in college/university, and this one truly hit the spot! Jacqueline is talented bass player, but when she has applied to college, she has forgotten her own dreams about music conservatory and decided to follow her high school sweetheart Kennedy. She expected them to be together forever, but when Kennedy suddenly breaks up with her, everything changes. She is not part of the Greek system, so all of Kennedy's Greek friends suddenly ignore her. There is only her friend Erin, and two new acquaintances Lucas (a guy from her econ class who helped her out from a big problem) and Landon (her econ tutor she feels weirdly attracted to even though they have only sent emails to each other). Despite the break up and the fact that she feels like she does not fit in, there is one more problem Jacqueline has to think about - Buck, Kennedy's frat-brother has started to harass her and it seems that she cannot get away from his prying eyes. The situation gets worse and worse and eventually Jacqueline needs to take action. Lucas, the guy from the econ class, is something totally different Kennedy is. Jacqueline feels a pull towards him, and he becomes much more than such a potential post-breakup hook-up. When the surprisingly close connection between Lucas and Landon is discovered by Jacqueline, she needs to think everything again. Is she ready to trust someone new? And is he ready to trust her?I LOVED Easy. It was exciting, romantic, heartbreaking and full of hope. Jacqueline is a realistic character you can identify with; you understand why she followed Kennedy to college, you understand her interest in Lucas and Landon. I think it is amazing when you can feel with the character you are reading about. Lucas is a total hunk, and you start to wish you would receive emails from a guy like Landon. I almost started to think about flunking a class just to get a tutor - but with my luck the tutor would be nothing like Landon.I loved the fact that this novel keeps you guessing 'til the last page - something new is added to the stories of the characters all the time and you figure out new things as you go on. The story flows smoothly and there are no unnecessary additions to it - it stays on the point. I also liked how all the characters, in the end, are intertwined together with some type of connection; the connection stays natural and believable which makes it realistic.I suggest Easy to EVERYONE! It might not be for the youngest readers, but I would stay that if you are the age of 16 or over, you will be good to go; it has sexual content, but don't you get that from everywhere these days?! Do you know any other novels with a college/university setting?