Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James The main reason for me picking up this novel was my curiosity. I am a avid Pinterest user, and during several occasions, while I was browsing the dashboard, I got face to face with references to Christian Grey and Fifty Shades of Grey. I did not have any idea to which these where related. Of course I googled it and noticed that the novel is a New York Times Best seller and opted for a film. I think this was the point in which I decided I need to get this novel into my hands asap.Anastasia, the "heroine", is shy, unexperienced and a bit clumsy when it comes to relationships. She is highly intelligent but at the same time very innocent. When she meets super rich and handsome Christian Grey, she starts to experience feelings she has never felt before; graving and lust towards someone else. She is still a virgin and she has thought that she will remain as one until she meets someone special. The moment she meets Christian, she starts to think that maybe Christian is the one she has been saving herself for. With Christian, Anastasia is open for new experiences... but is she ready for what Christian wants? Soon enough Anastasia notices that Christian's sexual needs are very specific and "out of ordinary". Christian has a past he does not want to talk about, and he has a very specific, contract bound activities in mind. Anastasia's conscience tells her to stay away from Christian, but on the other hand she keeps hoping that he will change and open up for her. From the moment they first time engage sexually, this whole whirlwind of emotions begins to form and grow bigger and bigger as their relationship develops.Fifty Shades of Grey was first "erotic" novel I ever read. At points, it is plain porn and at parts it made me question Anastasia's sanity. I get that Christian is totally hot and charismatic, but I don't think I would anyone persuade me like that. There is nothing wrong with sexual fantasies, but I feel like they are bit over the top in this novel. I got annoyed about the repetition of several things: Christian's need to spank Anastasia every time she rolls her eyes, the constant emphasizing of the size of Christian's penis, the whole situation with Christian not wanting to be touched. I feel like the writer clings too much to these issues without explaining them properly (well, the penis size does not need explanation, I guess it is just mentioned several times to make Christian seem even more glamorous). I must say my curiosity was filled and I now get what all the fuss is about. I feel like this novel has made "erotic" literature familiar with a wider readership and it has also showed that reading something like this does not have to be "embarrassing", even though I probably would not tell my mom what type of novel this is. I won't even get to the writing. All I will say that it is not the best. But the point gets through and the novel in itself is very character driven; places are described to the reader, but the main emphasis and attention is one the characters and their actions.What I am curious about is how this will be turned into a film in a way that the essence of the story, the kinky, a bit sick sex is included. What do you think? Who do you think should play Christian Grey?