Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline From where can should I begin? I guess I should just go on and say that 'Ready Player One' by Ernest Cline is one of the best books I've ever read. The world Ernest Cline was created is so full of imagination, but at the same time it is something that could really happen in the near future. This fact made me both intrigued and a bit scared.James Halliday, a creator of this big computer simulated world called OASIS dies and he hides this easter egg in to the vast simulation. Along with the easter egg, he hides three clues that need to be solved before the easter egg can be acquired. The one who finds the egg will receive his enormous fortune he left behind.The main character of the novel is called Wade. His real life is not the best one possible, so he spends most of his time in OASIS, looking for Halliday's easter egg with his avatar Parzival. At OASIS he can also play video games, read books, watch films and TV shows and chat with people he considers as his friends but has never met in real life. There is Aech, the avatar he has been spending a lot of time with, just talking, playing games and watching films. And there is also Art3mis, an avatar he has a crush on and later on befriends during the hunt of the easter egg.When Wade comes across the first clue, everything changes. He becomes famous in both the virtual and the real world. Everyone knows him as Parzival, and he wants to keep it that way. But when the Sixers, the big company hired gunters (the name of the ones looking for the egg) start to get closer to solving the problem as well, Wade/Parzival has to take risks in order to find the egg first and save the future of the OASIS.The way Cline describes OASIS is incredible. It is basically this simulation you enter with your computer wearing these glasses and haptic gloves which allow you to actually feel the things you touch. Wade attends school in OASIS and the lessons are made interactive because while the teachers are teaching about, for example the space, they can take the students to an OASIS planet which is modeled after the actual outer space. The OASIS pretty much is this never ending simulation and the places you can visit vary from actual cities to places like Whedonverse (which is the place I would probably visit first on OASIS).Reading this book was like being in a geek paradise. There are so many references to old games, books, television shows and films in this one that it pretty much has something for everyone, depending on your interests. Since I am a huge film geek, I loved all the film references and while reading the book had to add a couple of films I had not yet seen to my watchlist.The characters in this novel are also excellent. Wade in real like is a bit overweight, has a bad skin and is not good with the ladies or anything like that. In OASIS he has been able to fashion his avatar to look different than his real life identity, but despite the fact that he could also fashion a new personality, I loved the fact that Wade stays true to himself, even if he is Parzival for most of his time.The portrayal of future in this book is something that could actually happen. People spend more and more time Online these days and usually have other lives in there in the sense that sometimes you share different things with your online friends that your real life friends. Sometimes your online friends become your real life friends. An example of this from my own life is that for example I have not shared this blog address or my Tumblr with anyone from my real life, except of course Iina. So the creation of an Online world where you spend most of your time has definitely already begun - this is clear from role playing games that can be found from the Internet.It might not actually take long that an online world where you can do everything at a same place - study, read, watch films, play, socialize and even shop - is created. You can definitely do this all already Online, but not at the same site, at least not to my knowledge.The film rights of the book have been sold to Warner Bros. I just hope that when this is adapted into a film, they manage to keep all the essentials in it and cast actors that fit to the characters - for example someone fit like Zac Efron or Josh Hutcherson playing Wade would not just do. For some reason, I see Jonah Hill as Wade.