Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis This book was so good! I have no idea why I had not read it before despite the fact that I had seen it hyped all over the book blogs/booktube videos etc. Amy and her parents are frozen with a hope of waking up 300 later on a new planet. Amy's parents want to be frozen in order to help in building the new planet for its new inhabitants. Amy is frozen because she does not see any other option - she does not want to stay alive without her parents and by being frozen, she has a promise of a future with them in the distant future.Elder is going to be the new leader, the new Eldest of the Godspeed, a spaceship carrying people towards the new planet. The ship is fashioned to look like earth with artificial rain, sunlight and farming lands. The ship is also divided into three levels, the Feeder level for agriculture and such, the Shipper level for technology and engineering and the Keeper level for Elder and the Elders, the future leader and the current leader. The people of Godspeed are monoethnic, meaning that they all look the same - because they are all the same, they do not fight and cause disturbances. The childbirth is controlled by mating seasons during which one of the generations of the ship mate and have children. It is normal for people not to live over 60 years of age. Elder was born out of the season, meaning that he is the youngest person on the ship... until Amy wakes up.Amy has been frozen for over 200 years. Everything changes when someone wakes her up 50 years before the designed date. The life as Godspeed is nothing like she is used to, and due to looking and thinking different than the other people at the ship, Eldest wants to get rid of her. People are not used to difference and Eldest is afraid that because of her looks, she might cause disturbances. She definitely causes Elder to focus on other things than his learning. Elder is completely fascinated by Amy. He sees her difference as beautiful and he is eager to learn more about Sol-Earth, the Earth we know but which Elder has only read about. But when more and more of the frozen bodies appear outside, either death or almost death, Elder along with Amy and his friend Harley start to investigate the mystery and become faced with things they never would have expected to see. It seems that the ship holds more mysteries than no one could have expected. Who is behind the murders of the frozen people? Does Eldest know more than he is willing to tell Elder?I did not expect the whole mystery solving element this novel had, but once I really got into the story, I was delighted by it. The story is told through both Amy and Elder, which made it really interesting because you were able to see how the new information affected someone who thought that he knew a lot about the ship, and someone who is completely new to the environment. The way this novel is written is so beautiful, and I especially enjoyed some of the passages from the sections of Amy's narration.The way the fictional world is created is incredibly detailed, but at the same time there is something new left for the other novels in the series. The characters are extremely likable and the romance between them takes its time, which I really liked. The hierarchical structure of the ship is interesting and well planned, and the way the mysteries are solved is not too fast, but not too slow either. The novel takes its time to explain things to the reader, but at the same time keeps you at the edge for the whole duration of the novel.I really cannot wait to read the next book in the series, which I have heard is even better than this one.