Touch - Kim Firmston I decided to be a good blogger and read something from the collection of NetGalley titles that we have acquired. Sometimes, going on the limb and picking a title you know nothing about proves to be one of the best choices you can make. But in this case, it was not so. Ethan, the main character of the book, hacks in to the school computer system at the beginning of the book. He belongs to the tech club and all in all thinks that he is the god of hacking or something similar. He does the hacking to the system just to impress his father. But Ethan's father does not acknowledge the hacking at all because he has to spend his time to focus on the problems of Haley's stepsister, Haley. Ethan is so horrible! I felt no sympathy towards him. He is dying to get attention, he threats his friends like shit and is simply mean to his stepsister who clearly has problems. Even though Ethan later on realizes what a shit head he is, I still did not like him at all. He wants to be like his father, which probably isn't the best dream for adulthood since his father is a cruel child molester.When Haley, Ethan's stepsister, says that Ethan's father has been molesting her, Ethan does not believe her and tries to prove her wrong. Ethan's father controls Ethan's opinions and actions and Ethan goes as far as reading Haley's personal diaries to prove that Haley is just lying. Ethan does not really justify his actions, he just does things to get more and more attention.Gosh, I really did not like this book at all. The whole hacking stuff might be interesting for someone who has interest in that type of things, but I read from someone else's review that the way the hacking stuff is described in this novel is bogus. I guess Haley was the only likable character in this novel, along with Ethan's friends (I cannot understand why someone wants to be friends with a guy like Ethan though). This novel just made me angry and annoyed, and I have to be completely honest and say that I do not recommend it to anyone, under any circumstances.