0.4  - Mike A. Lancaster

The reasons for me reading this book were the following:

1. There was a copy of it on our bookshelf

2. I wanted something fast to read

3. I remember Iina saying that she quite enjoyed it

4. After talking with Iina again about it she said that it was fast and good read.


When beginning to read this book I did not really know what to expect. The description is quite vague and the only thing I knew was the fact there is some type of chance to the humanity. Basically the situation is the following: old audio tapes recorded by a boy called Kyle Straker are found. These tapes are an account of events that took place in a very ordinary day in an English village. An innocent talent show hypnosis experiment turns into something quite unexpected when Kyle, a girl his called Lilly and two adults, Kate and Mr. Peterson notice that they are the only "normal" ones left in the village. The others are first literally frozen to the position they were in during the hypnosis. Later on they become almost hostile and it seems that they are a lot different from Kyle and his posse. 


It is quite hard to write this review without spoiling the story and the essentials, but I will try. The text in the book is framed as an edited account of the tapes - there are three tapes on which Kyle explains what happened and how he felt about it etc. The idea for this book is something I have never encountered before, which made it an interesting and enjoyable read. The writing is good and fast-paced and the story is at points maybe even too edited in the sense that I would have liked to get more details about the happenings. Since the story is only from the point of view of Kyle some of the feelings of the other characters are not very clear - they are only descriptions of how Kyle sees the characters reacting to the change. 


There are these very interesting annotations in the text added by the "editor" which explain some of the things discussed to the "futuristic" audience the book is indented for - it is a history book for the people who were not there to witness the humanity as we see it today. 


Since the book is quite short, there were some instances in which the characters rushed to certain conclusions without really thinking about them too much. For example the whole "this must be an alien invasion" thing was a bit rushed, even though the whole situation for sure was absurd. I almost hoped that this book would be an adult science fiction book rather than a young adult one because I feel like in an adult book there might have been more detail to this interesting world Lancaster has created. But all and all, I really liked this book and would love to read the sequel at some point.


(Was I the only one who found the font on the paperback copy annoying?)