Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?: (And other concerns) - Mindy Kaling

This woman is like my queen right now. She is funny, does not take herself too seriously, gorgeous and has worked on some shows I love and with people I adore. What is not to like? I knew I would like this book even before starting to read it, and once I started reading, I read the whole thing very fast. It is interesting, funny and full of great content and after finishing with it (and already while reading it) you wish Mindy would be your friend. 


The book is mostly just essays, lists and random thoughts about different things. There are account from her childhood - how she was bullied about her weight, how she fell in love with comedy. I think one of the most interesting parts was when she discussed life after college - she had rocked college, meaning that she had friends and she did well. But when she graduated, it was hard to actually find a job and do what she wanted to do with her life. 




I love The Office, and that is what I, like most people, associate Mindy Kaling with. It was interesting to read how she got involved with the show and ended up writing some of the best episodes of the whole show (I am talking about Injury here... every Office fan probably remembers this episode with warmth). It is amazing to read about the people she worked with (Rainn Wilson, Seth Myers, for god's sake) but I am also happy she did not go into too much detail about these since this book is about her, not the hot guys she has worked with (that list is enormous). I also love the fact that she does not overly glamorize her life - she talks about eating a lot, hanging out in sweatpants in her bed writing and ditching parties a lot. 


According to Hollywood standards, Mindy Kaling is almost overweight. But according to everything else, she is pretty much the average American woman. In the book she discusses her weight in very humorist manner, which I really liked because the fact that even though she does care about her weight, there are things she cares about more. 


I love the fact that she decided to discuss some of her favorite films, comedians and comedy moments in this book, because I am always interested to watch something I admire loves. She discusses her love of romantic comedies (there is a hilarious chapter in the book in which she talks about the different romantic comedy cliches), her favorite comedy moments of all time (a lot of Will Ferrell) and for example some film franchises she would love to reboot. 




After reading this book I realized how much of the actual Mindy Kaling there is in her character in The Mindy Project. Mindy from The Mindy Project is maybe a bit more superficial and has a different job, but I think the essentials are kind of same. I can't wait to see what Mindy comes up next - I am anxiously waiting for the season 2 of The Mindy Project, especially after hearing that James Franco will be on the first two episodes. And Mindy and Danny so needs to happen already. 




If you are a fan of The Office or The Mindy Project, or Mindy Kaling in general, you will probably like this one as much as I did. I really want to be Mindy's friend now and hang out with her and Ellie Kemper and B.J. Novak and her frenemy Rainn Wilson.