The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith

Hadley misses her plane to London by four minutes. FOUR MINUTES. Usually that is the thing that would get you really frustrated, but Hadley is to embark on a trip she is so not looking forward to. A trip to attend her father's wedding. A wedding with a bride she has never met. After her delay, a new flight is scheduled. But before she gets to the plane, she meets Oliver. He is tall, handsome and very gentlemanly. And he is British. Despite all of her nervousness about the wedding, the claustrophobia of the airport and the plane, she notices that Oliver is pretty perfect. And what are the odds - he will be sitting next to her on the plane.


Hadley, who is usually scared of flying, has the best flight of her life with Oliver sitting next to her. They talk for hours - Hadley tells about her family, the divorce of her parents, the new bride she has never met, the wedding she is not looking forward to. Oliver is not so talkative, not ready to talk about his family, but he is a good listener. There is a connection between the two, but sadly the flight ends too soon and they depart to different directions. Their meeting felt like fate. Will fate bring them together for a second time, or will the flight just remain as a nice memory?


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight was such a CUTE and FAST read. The ending is quite predictable, but what happens between came as a surprise, at least to me. I loved both Hadley and Oliver. I know Hadley seem a bit annoying to some, but having been through a divorce of my own parents and the new partners etc, I know what Hadley feels - angry, confused and just hoping that she would be able to turn back the time and go to the point everything was still "fine". I really liked how Hadley changed in the short period of time and started to realize things she had not thought about before. Oliver is perfect, of course, and totally the type of guy I would like to accept to sit next to me on a flight. He is described as tall, dark and handsome. And he has a British accent. And he goes to Yale. And he has an amazing sense of humor, which I really liked. And he seems intelligent (well, he must be if he is in Yale). So yes, the perfect package.


This book did not change my life or anything, but it was a fun and cute and really fast read perfect for the summer. It dealt with some issues many are familiar with (divorce, relationship between a child and a parent etc.), but it is also very funny and romantic. I would love to see this as a film!